Minnesota Vikings will be scouring waiver wire for tackle help


The Minnesota Vikings went into the final preseason game with a few roster-related questions left to answer. One of the big ones involved the offensive line and specifically which man might emerge as a potential swing tackle.

After one half of football Thursday night against Tennessee, the answer is now clear: Nobody is going to emerge from that group and the Vikings will have to pick someone up after final cuts on Saturday.

The men auditioning for the swing tackle role going into tonight were Austin Shepherd, David Yankey and Bobby Vardaro. In the first half Yankey and Vardaro looked horrible and Shepherd not much better.

Pass protection was the main issue for the Vikings’ line all around, with poor Taylor Heinicke taking numerous hits. At least we know Heinicke is tough and can absorb some punishment. I’m sure he would prefer not to keep demonstrating that.

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I can’t see the Vikings going into the season with what they have now at tackle. That would just leave them too thin. So, they’re going to have to scour the waiver wire.

Oh and the overall offensive line depth may have taken another hit when guard Tyrus Thompson, who recently expressed anxiety about his future status with the team, left with a possible concussion.

Just what the Vikes needed, another injury on the O-line.

Phil Loadholt is out for the year. John Sullivan continues to battle back spasms. Matt Kalil’s knees could go at any time.

Offensive line is definitely not a strength right now. That’s understating matters.

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