Christian Ponder reportedly to be cut by Oakland Raiders


Christian Ponder sure didn’t last long in Oakland. Four preseason games was the exact length of his tenure with the Raiders. Or at least that appears to be the case.

According to a report from Adam Caplan, the Raiders on Sunday are expected to part ways with Ponder, a move that will force the team to eat $1.5 million in guaranteed money.

Ponder already gone in Oakland after four games? Wow. I hope Sid Hartman won’t be too upset.

Really though, is anyone in Vikings Nation surprised by this result?

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Those who have paid less attention to Ponder’s career arc possibly bought the idea that Ponder would be a good veteran reserve and that he would benefit from being reunited with Bill Musgrave.

But we know better. We know Ponder is a stiff.

All Christian Ponder had to do was beat out Matt McGloin for the #2 job and he couldn’t even do it. Think about that.

The Vikings’ former #12 overall pick, in year five of his career, couldn’t even lock down a backup job with the Raiders. Over Matt McGloin.

I don’t see how Ponder comes back from this. Who picks him up now? What team is desperate enough for QB help that they give sorry Ponder a third chance?

My advice for Christian: Give up the football thing and dive into the media thing. Maybe you and Sam can get a talk show going.

Wouldn’t Christian and Sam be adorable together on television?

Maybe they could do a QVC show where they sell their own handcrafted wares.

Whatever Ponder does next in his life, we wish him well. It sort of wasn’t his fault that it went sour in Minnesota.

He just never should have been drafted in the first place.

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