David Yankey reportedly will be cut by Vikings


The Minnesota Vikings continue purging backup offensive linemen. The latest to go? 2014 5th round draft pick David Yankey.

The former Stanford lineman never got a chance to get his feet under him in his rookie season and was supposed to come out in 2015 and show what he could really do.

Well, Yankey did show what he can really do. And it isn’t much.

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Yankey’s fate was likely sealed in Thursday’s final preseason game when he, along with most of the Vikings’ 2nd- and 3rd-team offensive line, stunk it up royally.

Yankey joins linemen Bobby Vardaro and Babatunde Aiyegbusi on the cut list. The Vikings are almost certain to pick up a lineman, or maybe two, in the next couple days.

The Vikings’ offensive line depth is not great. Did I mention?

Also reported as a cut this afternoon: WR Ryan Whalen.

Positive news: The Vikings reportedly will keep FB Zach Line. I kind of called that in my roster projection but whatever.

Yankey being cut is a mild surprise perhaps, but Whalen being let go is not a surprise at all.

The 5th rounder Yankey is the highest 2014 draft pick to be cut. The Vikings are not messing around with this O-line situation.

Norv Turner is not a man to mess around when it comes to have enough offensive linemen to ensure his quarterback will be protected.

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