Justin Coleman signs with Seahawks practice squad


The Minnesota Vikings gave Justin Coleman his first shot in the NFL by signing him as a UDFA earlier this year. But for whatever reason, the Vikes decided Coleman wasn’t worth keeping after last weekend’s cut-down to 75 players.

The Vikings did however give Coleman a chance to come back. But Coleman spurned that opportunity in favor of a different one.

After Saturday’s final cuts and Sunday’s subsequent waiver deadline passed, Coleman decided that the Vikings weren’t good enough so he took his talents to Seattle.

But the Vikings weren’t the only team Coleman rejected.

According to Boston Herald reporter Jeff Howe, Coleman has chosen to join the Seahawks practice squad after being offered spots on both the Minnesota and New England practice squads.

Coleman was snapped up pretty quickly by New England after he was let go last weekend. But after his try out with the Patriots, New England decided not to keep Coleman on their 53-man roster.

Coleman passed through waivers and was given the opportunity to sign with any team.

Howe’s report indicates that the Vikings and Patriots both tried to pick up Coleman for their practice squad, but the former Tennessee Volunteer elected to go with Seattle.

Given Seattle’s success at grooming cornerbacks, it’s easy to understand why Coleman would choose that team.

I guess this means Mike Zimmer’s reputation as a groomer of cornerbacks is not great enough to impress a young player like Justin Coleman.

But you can say the same thing about Bill Belichick too.

Nowadays Seattle is where it’s at for young DBs. Call it the Richard Sherman Effect.

Once the Vikings have had a few corners become superstars in the NFL, they will become the team all young DBs want to hook up with.

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