Norv Turner: Vikings OC downplays 49ers’ bad offseason


The San Francisco 49ers had just about as bad an offseason as any team could have, but don’t try telling that to Vikings OC Norv Turner, a guy who’s been around too long to disrespect any opponent however allegedly weak.

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At least, don’t expect Turner to diss that team in public. Behind closed doors he may have a different opinion but in front of microphones, it’s all respect (via

"The first game of the season is always a challenge. They have a new defensive coordinator [Eric Mangini], looking from our standpoint, he obviously has a track record in the NFL.I thought they played very well in the preseason, did not give up a lot of big plays. So we have to prepare for what we’re looking at on tape.I know people are talking about the players they’ve lost but in terms of looking at them they still have a group of guys that play at a high level and play extremely hard and I said they don’t give up a lot of big plays.So you have to be able to put together a ten, twelve, fourteen play drive and you have to be sharp. Sometimes in the first ball game that’s harder to do than when you get into a rhythm. So I think they’re a pretty good defense."

There’s one factor Norv overlooked: the black unis. Those guys are going to be fired up and ready to go in their black unis.

For real though, the Niners had such a bad offseason, plus they’re being led by an untested head coach in Jim Tomsula. This is a potential 2-14 team we’re talking about.

Norv has a point about week 1 sometimes being a challenge because you’re not in rhythm yet but I think the Vikings will be able to put together more than enough offense to beat the Niners in San Francisco.

Of course I’m a fan and it’s okay for me to be over-confident. Norv Turner knows that he has to keep that in check and do his job. That’s why he’s the offensive coordinator and I’m just a doof with a keyboard.

But honestly, the Niners? They have nothing. Norv won’t say it but this IS the perfect time to catch them.

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