Teddy Bridgewater explains what went wrong vs. 49ers


Teddy Bridgewater isn’t about to stand idly by and let everyone blame Adrian Peterson and the offensive line for Monday night’s debacle in San Francisco.

Bridgewater knows full-well that he contributed to the stinkfest by, well, stinking.

Certain fans may want to deflect all blame away from Bridgewater but that’s just not the way it works.

Mike Zimmer made this clear in his post-game press conference when he said flat out “Teddy did not play well.”

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Zimmer elaborated on Tuesday, saying he thought Bridgewater looked sped up and remarking that he’s never seen his young quarterback that rattled.

In a press conference on Wednesday, the quarterback offered even more detail about exactly what went wrong Monday night.

Pointing the finger squarely at himself, Bridgewater said he should have done a better job reading blitzes pre-snap and conveying the protections to his teammates.

You mean protection issues are partly on the quarterback too? Huh.

Bridgewater also concurred with Zimmer’s remark that he seemed to be playing too fast.

Clearly it was a bad night all around for the entire Vikings offense.

Joe Berger and Brandon Fusco had their struggles as did Adrian Peterson.

And yes, Teddy Bridgewater contributed to the mess by not playing up to snuff.

Of course Bridgewater is still a very young and inexperienced quarterback. The important thing isn’t what he did or didn’t do Monday night. The important thing is what he learned from the experience.

Don’t be surprised if Bridgewater bounces back with a much better game this weekend vs. Detroit.

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