Minnesota Vikings: Parachutist flies into Lions bench [Video]


Sunday afternoon’s Minnesota Vikings-Detroit Lions tilt featured a little pregame pageantry in the form of a group of parachutists gliding into the stadium.

Unfortunately the show almost turned into a disaster for the Detroit Lions.

One of the parachutists miscalculated their landing and went sailing right into the Lions’ bench. According to witnesses, several Lions players ended up draped in the parachute.

Larry Warford apparently came closest to getting taken out.

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Fortunately no one was hurt. But obviously that could have been a very serious situation.

Important safety tip: When parachuting into a stadium, make sure you aim for the big green area where no one is standing. Try to avoid the areas where people are milling about.

Evidently Blair Walsh isn’t the only one who sometimes gets messed up by the wind patterns at TCF.

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