Teddy Bridgewater, Adrian Peterson turn broken play into magic [Video]


Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson give us a lesson here in how to turn a potentially disastrous moment into a triumphant one.

Bridgewater goes back to pass and it’s Peterson’s responsibility to block the pass rusher coming right at the QB.

Peterson’s effort on the block attempt is not exactly up to snuff and Bridgewater ends up getting hit.

But before Bridgewater’s knee hits the turf, a magical, marvelous thing happens.

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Showing amazing presence of mind, Bridgewater pitches the ball forward to Peterson. Peterson catches the desperation pitch, finds no Lions defenders in front of him and takes the ball up the field for a gain of 49 yards.

And with one brilliant improvisational move from Bridgewater, Peterson goes from being the goat to the hero.

Adrian better take Teddy out to dinner for this one. Teddy’s great move saved Peterson from having to hear even more criticism about his pass blocking

I mean, technically we shouldn’t let the result of the play overshadow the fact that Peterson did a brutal job trying to block in this instance.

Nothing can erase the fact that Peterson is a horrible pass blocker.

Still…dang. This is pretty.

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