Golden Tate accuses Vikings of taking cheap shots


Detroit Lions wide receiver Golden Tate thinks the Vikings’ physical play on Sunday was more than just your usual hard-nosed football.

In fact, Tate is flat-out accusing the Vikings of playing dirty (via Detroit Free Press):

"“One hundred and ten percent,” Tate said slowly and emphatically. “After watching the film there were several holds, late hits that I thought should have been called. A couple of them I wouldn’t be surprised if we turn them in (to the NFL).“But then again, that’s part of playing on the road. You’ve got to control that by not making the game close and busting it wide open. So that’s what we should have done better. But there were a few plays out there that I think were clear violations of this game.”"

Tate did plenty of complaining on the field too, waving his arms in the air like an idiot every time Captain Munnerlyn so much as put a finger on him. All in vain because the officials refused to throw a flag.

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I guess Golden Tate just can’t handle going up against a team that knows how to play tough, physical football.

Now I understand why Percy Harvin hated Tate so much in Seattle. Tate is just a wuss.

Hey Tate, if you’re getting hit in the mouth, here’s a suggestion: hit back. Maybe if the Lions had responded with less whining and more playing hard football, they would have given the Vikings a better game.

Just a thought.

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