Sharrif Floyd had cartilage removed from knee


Sharrif Floyd missed Sunday’s game against Detroit and that won’t be the last game he misses this season.

No one knows how many games Floyd will miss in all after the defensive tackle had cartilage removed from his left knee.

Floyd spoke to the media about the situation on Monday after showing up at the Vikings facility in a walking boot.

Though in truth Floyd didn’t exactly have a lot to say (via Minneapolis StarTribune):

"“I can’t discuss the injury. Anything about [a timetable] is between coach Zimmer and my position coach,” Floyd said. “I can’t make that decision myself.”Zimmer said he’s heard “all kinds” of ranges when Floyd might be able return, but nothing firm enough to comment on."

Floyd injured the knee during the Vikings-Chiefs game two weeks ago though the DT can’t say exactly when in the game the injury happened.

According to Floyd he felt gimpy after the game but didn’t think the injury was that bad.

Then he went through the process with trainers and medical staff and found out about the situation.

I’m no doctor myself but it doesn’t sound good for Sharrif Floyd. I don’t think we’ll be seeing him on the field for awhile.

Floyd’s injury is a big blow to the Vikings. He started somewhat slow this season but seemed to be picking up his game the last few weeks before the injury.

Making matters worse, the Vikings also recently lost backup defensive tackle Shamar Stephen to a season-ending injury.

With Floyd and Stephen both out, the Vikings will lean heavily on backups Tom Johnson and Kenrick Ellis.

With Johnson, DT Linval Joseph and DE Everson Griffen leading the way up front, the Vikings racked up 7 sacks of Matthew Stafford this week against Detroit.

Update: StarTrib originally reported this as Floyd having piece of cartilage removed from ankle/foot, now updated to say torn cartilage in ankle/foot so no procedure.

Update 2: StarTrib once again changed their report, now say Floyd had cartilage removed from knee. But wait a few minutes and the story could change again.

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