Minnesota Vikings free-runners prompt Detroit house-cleaning


First the Minnesota Vikings shredded the Detroit Lions offensive line, then Lions coach Jim Caldwell shredded his staff.

A day after being owned for a second time this season by Mike Zimmer and his D, the Lions cleaned house by firing OC Joe Lombardi, OL coach Jeremiah Washburn and assistant OL coach Terry Heffernan.

If you would like a succinct explanation for what happened on Sunday to finally prompt the Detroit house-cleaning, look no further than this quote from Vikings DE Everson Griffen.

When asked about the Vikings’ seven-sack performance against the hapless Detroit O-line Griffen said (via Vikings.com):

"I’ve never seen that many free-runners in my life."

Matthew Stafford had never seen that many free-runners either. And after the game the Lions decided they had seen enough.

I’m no football expert but I do know this: you can’t win if you don’t block the guys coming to get your quarterback.

The confusion and havoc created by Mike Zimmer’s blitzes against Detroit was amazing to behold.

Joe Lombardi had no answer in this week’s game or in the first game between the two teams and that’s a huge reason why he’s now looking for work.

The Vikings’ total domination of the Lions is a big reason why they’re now considered serious contenders in the NFC.

Of course there’s still a lot of work left to be done if the Vikings are going to live up to the growing hype and make a playoff run.

Not every team has a Joe Lombardi calling plays. There will be some tougher games down the road.

Some of these teams even try to block for their quarterback, so I’m told.

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