Minnesota Vikings have another dragon to slay in Chicago


The Minnesota Vikings hadn’t won a divisional road game since 2012. Until they went into Detroit on Sunday and defeated the Lions.

One dragon slain.

When the Vikings travel into Soldier Field this weekend, they will whip out their sword and do battle with another dragon that has been haunting them for a long time.

Since 2007, the Minnesota Vikings have won zero games at Soldier Field.

Zip. Zero. Zilch.

Not even the Brett Favre-led NFC-title-game-bound Vikings of 2009 were able to muster a victory in Chicago against the Bears.

Fans with long memories will recall that 2009 game in Soldier Field as the night Favre nearly led Minnesota to a huge comeback victory only to watch Devin Aromashodu burn Antoine Winfield for a game-winning TD in overtime.

That one was at least close. Most of the Vikings’ losses in Chicago have not been the least bit tight.

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In 2010, the Vikings fell 27-13. In 2011 the Vikings fell 39-10. In 2012 the Vikings fell 28-10.

In recent years Minnesota has closed the gap though. In 2013 they lost by only one and last year they lost by only eight.

The way things are going for the Vikings, there’s reason to believe this will be the year they break through.

Minnesota has a fearsome defense now and a QB in Teddy Bridgewater who never blinks in the face of pressure. And they have an emerging offensive star in Stefon Diggs.

Of course the Bears still have Jay Cutler, a guy who always seems to save his best efforts for the Vikings.

Cutler better put on his scrambling shoes when the Vikings and their ferocious pass rush walk onto the abominably chewed-up turf of Soldier Field.

If Cutler doubts the Vikings’ ability to lay hurt on a QB, all he has to do is ask Matthew Stafford.

So far in 2015, the Vikings are 2-0 in the NFC North. There’s no reason to think they won’t be 3-0 after Sunday.

And then they will be off to slay even bigger, nastier dragons. Ones that thrive on cheese.

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