Chase Ford in line for first action with Rhett Ellison ailing


Chase Ford hasn’t had much to do this season besides stand on the sidelines watching, but that may all change this weekend.

Thursday Vikings TE Rhett Ellison was downgraded on the injury report to did not participate (concussion) and if Ellison can’t go then Ford would most likely be activated for the first time this season against the Bears.

Given how much the Vikings use their tight ends, Ford would likely get in the game for at least a few snaps if he is active.

Ford of course doesn’t bring exactly the same skill set to the table as Rhett Ellison.

The Vikings like Ellison because he can line up at various positions, providing good blocking and the occasional ability to get open and make a catch.

Ford is nowhere near as good a blocker as Ellison but he is more of a weapon as a receiver.

While the Vikings gain a little with Ford over Ellison in terms of athleticism, they lose quite a bit in terms of versatility.

Ellison is occasionally lined up as a fullback and Norv Turner likes to use motion with him to deceive defenses.

Chase Ford is not a guy you’re going to line up at tight end and motion to fullback or vice-versa. He doesn’t have that Kleinsasser-esque dimension to him.

Ellison may not be the most exciting player, but he is a pretty important part of what the Vikings do and losing him would not be helpful.

But Chase Ford I’m sure is itching to get his chance.

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