Minnesota Vikings: Analyzing Super Bowl LI betting odds


Super Bowl LI betting odds have already been released and how the Minnesota Vikings are assessed is quite interesting compared to other NFL teams.

The NFL is an amazing sport. With Super Bowl 50 only days away, 30 other teams (including the Minnesota Vikings) are currently in the process of preparing for what they hope will be an appearance in the next year’s big game. However, the teams and players aren’t the only ones interested in Super Bowl LI already, as Las Vegas already has its eyes on it.

Sports gambling is a huge business and there is never an opportunity that is too early to lay down some money on a bet that you feel is good. Recently, Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook released their odds of each team reaching Super Bowl LI and ESPN.com reported on the topic.

Here is how the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook sees things:

Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl LI Odds: 20-1

20:1 isn’t that bad of odds until you take a look at some of the other odds around the NFL. The Minnesota Vikings currently have the 6th best odds in the NFC, behind some of the most popular and powerful teams in the conference. Here is the ranking of teams with the best odds of a Super Bowl LI berth:

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  • Seattle Seahawks (8/1)
  • Arizona Cardinals (10/1)
  • Green Bay Packers (10/1)
  • Carolina Panthers (12/1)
  • Dallas Cowboys (16/1)

There are some odd things about this list. Seeing the Carolina Panthers so low after a dominating season is a surprise and having the Green Bay Packers odds twice as good as the Minnesota Vikings is a bit strange. However, ESPN’s Ben Goessling tried to explain the situation on ESPN’s website.

"“You could make the case that the Vikings’ odds shouldn’t be twice as long as the Packers’ after beating them for the division title. The same case could be made for the Vikings being ahead of the Cowboys (16-1), though oddsmakers are counting on both Dallas and Green Bay getting major offensive weapons back from injury. This number suggests that Vegas expects the Vikings will be in the thick of the NFC playoff race, and with their defense returning mostly intact, they should be. If the Vikings shore up their offensive line and Teddy Bridgewater takes the next step, 20-1 could look like a steal.”"

While it is far too early to be talking about who will be playing in Super Bowl LI before Super Bowl 50 is even played, it is always fun to look at the numbers and projections from Las Vegas. A lot can happen during the offseason to either increase or decrease a team’s odds.

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The NFC North champion Minnesota Vikings seem to still have a lot to prove before they are taken as a serious Super Bowl contender, but luckily Mike Zimmer and the rest of the team don’t care about what opposing teams, the media, or Las Vegas have to say about their team.