Minnesota Vikings HC Zimmer: ‘Good is the enemy of great’


Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer believes ‘good is the enemy of great’ when it comes to preparing for the 2016 National Football League season.

For the most part, fans of the Minnesota Vikings would call the 2015 NFL season a success. The team improved their win total by 4 earned the right to host a playoff game by winning the NFC North. However, there is still a lot of work to get done.

Head coach Mike Zimmer isn’t about to let the team sit back and think that what they accomplished last season was good enough. In the past, Zimmer has spoken on multiple occasions that his goal with the team is to bring a Super Bowl championship to Minnesota.

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In a recent article on Vikings.com, Zimmer spoke about enjoying the direction that the Minnesota Vikings were headed in, but that last year’s accomplishments doesn’t mean squat for the 2016 NFL season.

"“I feel good about the nucleus of our football team, but what we did a year ago really doesn’t matter,” Zimmer said. “I’ve got a new saying this year, that ‘Good is the enemy of great,’ so that’s kind of going to be my mindset with the team.”"

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There are some great pieces to the team. On offense, young stars Stefon Diggs, Jerick McKinnon and Teddy Bridgewater have all flashed some brilliant moments while former NFL MVP and veteran running back Adrian Peterson led the NFL in rushing.

But Mike Zimmer is a defensive minded head coach. He knows that you win games by limiting your opponents opportunities while maximizing their own. Much like his theme with the team this year, the hard-nosed head coach is ready to help make the defense great, even though they were impressive last year.

"“I do think anytime you have a dominant defense, that you have a chance to win a lot of football games,” Zimmer said. “I think this year we played good defense. I don’t think we were great on defense. We still have a long way to go, but playing good defense gives you a chance to win an awful lot of football games, and the way that they did it was impressive.”"

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It ill be interesting to see how far this Minnesota Vikings franchise can go with all the young talent available on the roster and a great football mind like Mike Zimmer at the helm. One thing fans know for certain about this team is that they’ll never be happy with “good enough” because their head coach won’t allow that to happen.