Minnesota Vikings LB Barr makes SI’s 5 Year Dynasty team


Anthony Barr has become one of the most exciting parts of the Minnesota Vikings defense and Sports Illustrated recognized his efforts in a recent article.

Trying to figure out which young players in the NFL will continue to have fantastic careers can be a huge gamble. Some individuals burn out quickly or fade into obscurity before they can leave a mark on their team or the league.

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Sports Illustrated took a look at all of the talented young players in the league and pieced together what they call the ‘Five Year Dynasty’ team. Earning a spot on this roster means that SI feels the player will make a major impact over the course of the next five seasons in the NFL.

On defense, this list included linebacker Anthony Barr. Coupled with Oakland’s Khalil Mack and Carolina’s Luke Kuechly, this group of players can do just about anything asked of them. Sports Illustrated was specific about the roles of Mack and Kuechly, but praised the versatility of the Minnesota Vikings linebacker.

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"“Barr can play credibly at both the linebacker and pass-rusher positions, and though his sack totals haven’t yet approached Mack’s, he may possess the more complete overall game over time.”"

Despite a young and evolving defense in Minnesota, the Vikings only had one representative on the roster. Players like Harrison Smith, Everson Griffen, and others didn’t quite make the cut, but hold a valuable place on the Vikings roster.

Although more Minnesota players would have been fantastic on this roster, it is excellent that Anthony Barr is being seen as such an interesting player in the NFL. Mike Zimmer has worked hard to make Barr a player that opposing offenses get confused by and have to plan for, and that appears to be recognized by Sports Illustrated on this Five Year Dynasty team.

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Congratulations to Anthony Barr and best of luck to him and the rest of the Minnesota Vikings as they attempt to improve upon an already impressive 2015 season which found them winning the NFC North and earning a playoff spot.