Vikings shake up NFL by trading for Sam Bradford


The Minnesota Vikings made a big-time trade Saturday morning for veteran Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford.

Following the loss of Teddy Bridgewater to a catastrophic knee injury Tuesday, the Minnesota Vikings shook up the NFL by trading for Sam Bradford. With Bradford in the mix the Vikings are looking to make a run at the playoffs and possibly beyond.

Vikings fans were told the team would address their quarterback predicament by Saturday afternoon, and wow, they sure did. Most fans woke Saturday morning to the news that the Vikings traded for Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford, a player who has never lived up to his billing as the next star in the league.

I would imagine most Vikings fans found out about the Bradford trade like this:

“Hmm, Vikings get Bradford. Not bad guys, let’s see what we gave up.”

“Oh crap, what have we done?.”

At first glance I just put my head in my hands when I found out what we gave up for a quarterback who has always seemed to underachieve. Spielman said he wasn’t going to jeopardize our future, and this certainly seemed like a lot.

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However, as the day went on, and I listened to more people analyze the trade, I began to feel better. While a first and conditional fourth round pick are a hefty price, this team is made to win NOW. We are too good to sit around and wait for Teddy to return. Sure Shaun Hill would have gotten us a few wins, but we were just not a contender with him under center. With Bradford things get interesting. We very well may get lousy production and have a completely mediocre season. But, if he is able to finally crack that star talent that has always seemed to elude him, we could be in for a special year. Possibly even Favre-like.

Now I’m not jumping for joy, but I’m not upset either. I’ve always found Bradford a little overrated, and just someone who I wouldn’t be thrilled with as my team’s starter. Given the options though, Bradford was probably the best player we could have gotten.

Some other choices would have saved the draft picks, but most likely didn’t have the talent, or potential talent, that Bradford has. And that’s the thing about Bradford. With someone like Sanchez we knew what we were getting. With Bradford there’s a chance, a small one I may add, that he could be great.

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Bradford has never been on a team this talented. From St. Louis to Philadelphia no team Bradford’s played for has been better than this Vikings team, so let’s see what he can do.

But guys, don’t get your hopes up too much, or we all know what will happen.