Cris Carter on the national anthem: ‘I kneel with the players’

(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) Cris Carter
(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) Cris Carter /

The former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver was recently asked about the NFL’s new national anthem policy and he did not hold back with his answers.

Since his playing days with the Minnesota Vikings, Cris Carter has always been an outspoken kind of guy. Carter has never been afraid to say what is on his mind, no matter who doesn’t agree with him.

Knowing this, it should not be surprising to anyone really that the former Vikings receiver had some strong words to say about the NFL’s new national anthem policy.

The House of Boom’s Eric Salvary recently spoke with Carter and the Hall of Fame receiver did not hold back on how he feels about the league’s new anthem policy.

"“(The NFL has) been accepting guys who have been convicted of murder. But now you’re telling me I can’t exercise my right as a United States citizen? You’d much rather have that? What about the guys who have committed sexual assault that are playing in the NFL? Nobody says nothing. They have violated someone’s daughter and we don’t care. But now all of a sudden, we’re that patriotic about that flag?Well let me tell you the truth about the flag. The NFL has a deal with the military and that’s why the flags are out there. The military is paying the NFL millions of dollars every year. So I stand with the players. I kneel with the players. it’s not in disrespect to the flag. I’ve been disrespected my whole life. White people have said nothing about that.I support the players. I’m glad they are doing what they are doing. And people keep getting it twisted that these owners are more patriotic than these black players. Well, no they’re not. (The owners) are being compensated, they are being paid. And that’s the real truth behind what’s going on with the anthem.”"

Minnesota Vikings
Minnesota Vikings /

Minnesota Vikings

Carter is one of many current and former NFL players who have spoken about the league’s new policy and the disappointment they have with it.

This ongoing story took another turn this week after the White House rescinded their invite to the reigning Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles, leading to some falsely claiming it was due to the team not standing during the playing of the national anthem last season.

A few current members of the Vikings organization have also given their opinion on the anthem recently.

Minnesota head coach Mike Zimmer stated that he believes that everyone should stand during the playing of the national anthem, while Vikings players Brian Robison and Stefon Diggs both spoke about the importance of everyone on the team being on the same page when it comes to their actions during the anthem.

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With the 2018 regular season still months away from beginning, the opinions on the NFL’s new national anthem policy are likely not going to stop anytime soon.