Packers fans cry after Adam Thielen roasts their cheese palace

(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) Adam Thielen
(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) Adam Thielen /

Green Bay Packers fans aren’t very happy with Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen after he recently made some comments about Lambeau Field.

Ask a Minnesota Vikings fan who their least favorite NFL team is, and before you can get the word “team” out of your mouth, the majority of them will choose the Green Bay Packers as their answer.

Every season, these two NFC North rivals face off twice, and both meetings are full of disdain between the fan bases of each franchise.

Minnesota makes at least one trip to Green Bay each year to take on the Packers inside their home stadium, Lambeau Field. The stadium is referred to by many as one of the most legendary structures in American sports history, but not everyone is a huge fan of the venue.

Minnesota Vikings wideout Adam Thielen gives his take on the Green Bay Packers home stadium

Growing up in the state of Minnesota and then playing for his hometown Vikings, Adam Thielen has disliked the Packers for the majority of his life.

Thielen was recently on “GOLF’s Subpar” podcast and he was asked about how Lambeau Field compares to Minnesota’s beautiful home venue, U.S. Bank Stadium. His response is something that should bring a smile to most Vikings fans.

"“[Lambeau Field is] not nice. There’s nothing fancy about it. It’s bleacher seats for the most part. “"

Thielen did say before these comments that Lambeau Field is actually his favorite road stadium to play in because of the longtime rivalry with Minnesota. But that’s not the statement Packers fans will remember from this recent podcast appearance by Thielen.

Word began to spread rather quickly about what the Vikings receiver said about Lambeau Field, and, unsurprisingly, Green Bay fans were not too thrilled about his comments. So they did what a lot of sports fans do in the year 2021 and took to Twitter to voice their displeasure for Thielen and Minnesota.

First off, it doesn’t sound like any of these Packers fans disagree with what Thielen said. They’re just unhappy that he said it and revealed it to the rest of the world.

It sounds like there should be a full stadium of fans when the Vikings make their annual trip to Green Bay next season. So there’s no reason to think that Packers fans will bring any of this up to Thielen though while he’s on the field, right?

Next year’s matchup at Lambeau Field between the Vikings and Packers will be even more fun if Aaron Rodgers leaves Green Bay before the season to play for a new team that doesn’t have a home stadium with bleacher seats.