Report: Jerry Jones Lawyers Contacted Vikings After Adrian Peterson Phone Call


In case the Jerry Jones/Adrian Peterson phone call story needed a little more tidying up, here’s Chris Mortensen with the feather duster to finish things off.

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Sunday morning, Mort reported that the Cowboys did indeed follow proper tampering-protection procedures by getting in touch with the Vikings in the wake of Peterson’s infamous phone call.

In a recent sprawling Jones profile, ESPN reported on a phone call Peterson placed to Jones’ box at AT&T Stadium in which the Vikings RB expressed his desire to one day play for the Cowboys.

The story raised questions about the possibility of Jones being brought up on tampering charges, even though Jones received the phone call from Peterson unsolicited and out of the blue.

The report caused enough of a stir for both the Vikings and Peterson to release statements, with Peterson reiterating for the millionth time that he wants to retire a Viking.

Of course there are some who will argue the Vikings should look to unload Peterson and his contract, on the Cowboys or someone else, but that’s a whole other kettle of fish.

With Mort’s report, the last possible angle on this story is put to bed. So that will wrap it up.