Teddy Bridgewater Would Like to Reunite With DeVante Parker on the Vikings


We know who Teddy Bridgewater would draft if he ran the Vikings. If Teddy was the GM instead of Rick Spielman, that card would say “DeVante Parker.”

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You best believe Teddy would like to hook up for some pro touchdowns with his old teammate from Louisville.

It just so happens that the Vikings might be in the market for a new wide receiver this offseason. Some people think they’re set with what they have but many argue the receiver corps could use a talent upgrade.

Parker would certainly represent an upgrade. The 6-3 receiver is currently in a three-man race with Alabama’s Amari Cooper and West Virginia’s Kevin White for #1 wide out in the draft. Mel Kiper in his first mock had the Vikings taking Parker with the #11 overall pick.

Safety, cornerback, linebacker and offensive line are other Vikings areas-of-need that will get plenty of attention from draft prognosticators in the coming weeks. But receiver might be the best position to address given need and value.

You certainly couldn’t go wrong giving Teddy Bridgewater another big time target. Parker plus Charles Johnson, Greg Jennings, Jarius Wright and maybe Cordarrelle Patterson if he gets his act together would be a formidable corps.

It’s a no-brainer if you ask Teddy Bridgewater. I’m sure if Rick Spielman asks Bridgewater’s opinion on Parker, Teddy will be happy to give his heartfelt endorsement.