Teddy Bridgewater Was At Adrian Peterson’s Arabian Prince Birthday Party (Photo)


Adrian Peterson may be ready to burn every bridge with the Vikings organization (or maybe his agent is just posturing to force the Vikings into giving his client more guaranteed money) but things still seem to be okay with Peterson and his teammates.

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Peterson even invited at least one of his fellow Vikings to his infamous Prince of Arabia 30th birthday party (the one with the camels). From some random Instagram account (that has recently been made private for some reason) comes this shot of Teddy Bridgewater all decked out in party-appropriate attire at the bash:

The significance of the sign? No clue. But that’s definitely Teddy and he’s definitely wearing the Arabian Nights gear. Don’t know if he got on a camel at any point during the evening.

Just a rumor circulating the internet but apparently there were some other Viking players at the party too. Don’t know if the subject of Peterson’s future with the team came up or if guys decided to keep business out of the conversation.

There haven’t been many hopeful signs in recent days to indicate the Vikings and Peterson might soon come together and get it worked out. I don’t know if Bridgewater’s presence at the party qualifies as a hopeful sign either but I guess you could spin it that way if you wanted.

I hope Ted enjoyed himself.

(Via Reddit)

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