Chuck Foreman: Adrian Peterson Needs to ‘Come Out and Say Something to Fans’


A public war of words has broken out between Adrian Peterson’s agent Ben Dogra and Vikings GM Rick Spielman. But through all the back and forth sniping, the one person who’s remained conspicuously silent is Peterson himself.

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Though Dogra has clearly stated that it’s not in Peterson’s best interest to remain with the Vikings, Peterson himself has made no such public remarks. In fact he has said nothing definitive at all in several weeks.

Peterson is content right now to remain in the background and let Dogra do all the talking, and at least one old-time Viking legend thinks this is a mistake.

In remarks to the Pioneer-Press, former Vikings RB Chuck Foreman said it’s time for Peterson to step forward and speak the words himself.

All due respect to Chuck Foreman, but if you look at things from Adrian Peterson’s perspective, the last thing he should do is tell the fans himself that he wants out. He may seem like he’s “hiding behind his agent” today but there is a good tactical reason for doing this.

There are many who think Peterson isn’t really trying to force his way out of Minnesota but just wants the Vikings to kick in more guaranteed money. These folks theorize that Dogra is playing public hardball because Peterson lacks real leverage, and that Peterson’s silence is an indication he isn’t genuinely upset with the Vikings.

This theory is contradicted by reports that Peterson is genuinely unhappy with certain members of the Vikings front office, notably COO Kevin Warren, who was promoted to that position after acting against Peterson during last year’s exempt list/suspension/appeal fiasco.

The point is that as long as Peterson remains silent, some people will still cling to a belief that he’s not actually the villain in this whole thing. And this is precisely why Peterson and Dogra are playing the situation the way they’re playing it.

If Peterson and Dogra want to force the Vikings’ hand while still avoiding alienating the fanbase, it’s best for Dogra to do all the talking and let people believe Peterson isn’t driving the bus on this deal. The only way to play the bad hand they currently hold is to hold off on Peterson saying he wants out until they absolutely have no choice. That bridge should only be burned as a last resort.

So for the time being I think we can expect to continue hearing from only Ben Dogra while Peterson busies himself with the important things in his life, like camel rides.

It’s not just the right move for Peterson’s camp, it’s really the only move.

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