Adrian Peterson Rumors: Cardinals to Make Deal During 2nd Round of Draft?


Here’s what we think we know about Adrian Peterson as of this hour:

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1. The Vikings don’t want to trade him supposedly.

2. The Vikings really don’t want to trade him to Dallas.

3. Dallas hasn’t called the Vikings about a trade anyway.

4. Adrian is not a fan of Family Guy.

5. The Arizona Cardinals might be the only realistic option if a trade is going to get made.

On the Cardinals: Nothing appears to be cooking between the Vikings and Arizona at this time but according to two separate reports, things could start to simmer during the second round of the draft.

According to Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports, for a trade to come together, the Cardinals would have to miss out on both Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon:

"…multiple scouts have said the chasm between the top two running backs (Gurley and Gordon) and the rest of the class is just as vast as the chasm between the top two quarterbacks (Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota) and the rest of that talent pool. If this is the case, trading a late first-round pick for Peterson and his likely three-year window of productivity may look more palatable [for Arizona]."’s Ian Rapoport has his own separate report about the Cardinals maybe possibly making something happen in the 2nd round if they can’t draft their running back:

"A deal for Peterson would likely happen on Friday or not at all. Any return on the All-Pro would be expected to yield a second-round pick and if the Cardinals do not find a running back they’re in love with on Thursday night, Peterson could be the guy in Round 2."

Just because two separate insiders are hearing the same things, that doesn’t mean a trade is going to happen. It’s just an interesting thing to note. Possibly.

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