Rick Spielman (With a Straight Face) Says He Respects Ben Dogra (Video)


At the very least, Adrian Peterson is trying to strong-arm the Vikings into giving him more guaranteed money. At most he is trying to force his way right out of Minnesota.

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Of course Peterson himself has remained above the fray during this whole process of getting whatever it is he’s trying to get, letting his agent Ben Dogra do the dirty work.

And Dogra has done a pretty good job of playing dirty. He even almost got in a fistfight with Vikings exec Rob Brzezinski at the combine.

And then there was that image Dogra posted to Facebook that sure looked like a taunt aimed squarely at the Vikings.

Today during his pre-draft press conference, Rick Spielman was asked about Ben Dogra and his antics. Rather than tell the assembled media what he really thinks of Dogra, Spielman cracked a smile and said this:

I’m sure Spielman does respect Dogra. The same way you respect the pitbull that is trying to eat your face off.

The real truth is that Spielman and the Vikings would love for Dogra to be removed from the picture, so maybe they could reason with Adrian Peterson.

Clearly Dogra has been filling Peterson’s head with pie-in-the-sky notions. Unlike J.J. Watt, who recently fired Dogra, Peterson has yet to realize that the man is a clown who will do him more harm than good in the end.

If Spielman told us what he really thinks of Dogra…well, we’d have to bleep it.

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