Adrian Peterson Trade Rumors: Jacksonville Ready to Offer Multiple Picks?


In a report that has at least a little more credibility than Cris Carter’s vague whatever that was from this morning, a Bleacher Report insider has suggested an Adrian Peterson scenario that at least on the surface makes a little bit of sense.

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Jason Cole throws out this possibility for how Adrian Peterson could be moved in the first round:

The Jacksonville Jaguars trade down from the #3 overall, still staying in the top 10 and picking up extra picks in the process. Jacksonville uses its top 10 pick on Amari Cooper, then turns around and trades whatever it picked up in the Cooper deal plus their 2nd rounder in exchange for Peterson.

This trade would give the Vikings multiple picks, at least one of them being an extra second. Undoubtedly, one of those selections would go toward acquiring a running back to replace Peterson.

At least give Cole credit for working out the particulars of this trade, rather than just throwing out some more Cris Carter “I believe something will happen but I ain’t saying what” nonsense.

If you’re going to propose implausible scenarios, at least offer some detail.

And yes, I’m still calling this one implausible even though it sounds about as legit as such rumors get. The main problem with it is that it’s contingent upon some team in the top 10 being willing to trade up to 3 with Jacksonville. It also assumes that Jacksonville is confident it could still get Cooper after trading down from 3.

We know such inside-the-top-10 deals happen because the Vikings have pulled off several of them. But it’s still a bit of a long-shot to assume that such a deal could be made.

It would be a nice trade if the Vikings could swing it, but I’m still not convinced Jacksonville is ready to give them that much for a 30-year-old running back who might not want to even play in Jacksonville.

On the other hand, the Jaguars do badly need a running back and do have the cap space to make it happen. So who knows? Maybe Cole is the man who has cracked this thing.

But probably not.

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