Cris Carter Believes Something Will Happen With Adrian Peterson (Video)


Adrian Peterson has managed to become one of the draft’s biggest storylines, thanks to rumor-mongers all over the TV and internet.

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Despite the Vikings’ repeated denials about Peterson being on the block, many still think something could happen in the hours leading up to the draft or perhaps during the draft.

The most persistent rumor has the Vikings and Cardinals working out a deal in the second round, though some insist the Vikings would never settle for a 2nd rounder.

This morning on Mike & Mike, ESPN employee Cris Carter did his best to stoke the flames on this by tossing out a very vague yet tantalizing statement (via ESPN):

"I’m under gag order on the Adrian Peterson situation. But I believe something’s going to happen. But I can’t talk about it."

Carter’s connections to the Vikings organization will naturally lead people to assume someone on the inside has told him something that he doesn’t feel at liberty to repeat.

Of course, Carter could just have heard another rumor that isn’t any more substantial than any other rumor, and he’s playing it like he knows something.

The whole game here is to play up the Adrian Peterson trade rumor angle, adding more intrigue to the draft and getting more people to pay attention.

Does Cris Carter really know anything? Maybe, maybe not. But he wants us to think he knows something, and now we’re supposed to stay tuned and see what happens.

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