Ben Dogra Has Been Fired by Half the Players He Repped


Adrian Peterson has successfully stayed out of the spotlight during his showdown with Rick Spielman and the Vikings, instead allowing agent Ben Dogra to play the bad guy in public.

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Dogra has done such a good job of playing a bad guy that it leads you to assume he’s just…a bad guy.

The agent may be a wonderful person in real life (though I sort of doubt it) but professionally he is having all sorts of problems.

According to Sports Business Daily, Dogra has been dropped by 27 of the athletes on his roster. That is about half of the players he used to rep.

As far as we know, Adrian Peterson remains in the Ben Dogra camp. But for how much longer?

With so many players abandoning the Dogra ship, it could be only a matter of time before all his players bail on him. The agent is currently under investigation by the NFLPA for multiple possible violations, which certainly isn’t helping his standing among players.

When reports about Dogra’s troubles began surfacing, including the news that J.J. Watt had fired him, Dogra got all defiant and posted some images on Facebook touting his remaining stable of stars – including Adrian Peterson.

Viking fans would be very happy if Peterson now dropped Dogra as well. Especially those who believe Dogra is the one who’s truly responsible for Peterson trying to force his way out of Minnesota.

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