Adrian Peterson Will Report for Vikings OTAs Today


Adrian Peterson has decided to show up for Vikings OTAs and will reportedly be with the team on Tuesday.

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Peterson sent an email to various media outlets with the following statement (via AP):

"“I’ve been away from the game for an entire season,” Peterson wrote to the AP. “I wanted the chance to be around the players and coaches, the guys that really matter to me.”“I understand this is a business. Clearly there were a lot of emotions involved, but I will only be better from the situation,” Peterson wrote. “I have a role to play and the Vikings have one as well. It’s time to move forward and put my energy and focus on preparing for the season.”"

As late as Monday it was still being reported that Peterson intended staying away from the team at least through minicamp.

Peterson’s reversal comes after a tumultuous week which saw Vikings coach Mike Zimmer publicly lay out Peterson’s lack of options in his now famous “He can play for us or he can play for no one” statement. The week also saw Peterson going on a Twitter rant about his contract, then releasing a statement saying he was not angry at the Vikings but the union.

During this whole drawn out, sometimes infuriating process, it has often been pointed out that Peterson has no leverage with which to force the Vikings to give him what he wants. Apparently that reality finally sank in for Peterson.

Or perhaps Peterson finally realized the further damage he was doing to his already battered public image by appearing to engage in a game of chicken with the Vikings. Peterson has lots of ventures outside football, including a comedy tour he loves to promote, which depend on his maintaining a positive reputation.

Whatever it was that ultimately turned Peterson around, he’s finally going to report. We’ll see what he has to say once he arrives at Winter Park.

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