Minnesota Vikings cuts: Josh Thomas, two others let go


Minnesota Vikings cuts kept rolling in Friday night and there was one mild surprise.

Most crafters of 53-man roster predictions, myself included, figured Josh Thomas would be retained after Saturday’s final trim-down but Thomas didn’t even make it to Saturday.

The reasoning for me was that with Jabari Price serving a 2-game suspension to start the year the Vikings would keep an extra veteran CB and Thomas was the logical candidate to be that extra player.

Logic in this case didn’t really mean a whole heck of a lot.

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In addition to Thomas, the Vikings also cut DT Chigbo Anunoby and G Bobby Vardaro.

Earlier in the day we learned that the Vikings were letting go S Shaun Prater (mild surprise), RB DuJuan Harris, WR Donte Foster and DE Leon Mackey.

The players cut on Saturday either are not eligible for the practice squad or are unlikely to be brought back to the practice squad. Though DuJuan Harris’ agent reportedly said there was a still a chance his client would be brought back to the PS.

Guessing the Vikings’ priority is to try and retain RB Dominique Williams as a PS player and Harris is the backup plan in case someone snaps up Williams off waivers.

With another round of cuts coming Sunday, there are some very nervous men all over the league.

The main questions for the Vikings are as follows:

Will they keep QB Taylor Heinicke on the 53-man roster?

Will they keep a true fullback?

Will Michael Mauti stick with the team?

Will the Vikes try to sign a swing tackle after final cuts?

Does Chase Ford somehow sneak through and stay with the team?

Could be more surprises in the offing.

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