Michael Mauti claimed off waivers by New Orleans Saints (Report)


Linebacker Michael Mauti was one of the last Vikings players to be cut. And I guarantee you Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman did not have an easy time making that decision.

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But don’t worry about Michael Mauti’s immediate future. The former 7th round pick out of Penn State has already landed another gig.

Here’s the bad news: The new gig is with the New Orleans Saints.

Dear New Orleans Saints fans;

Enjoy Michael Mauti. He may not be the most talented player in the world but he will give 100% effort all the time.

And I mean ALL the time.

Michael Mauti is a guy who wants it as bad as you can want it. He’s suffered some injuries and other setbacks in his career but he’s never let that deter him.

This guy will be a top special teams player for you and soon he will become a fan favorite.

If he sticks with the team.

That’s the thing about Mauti: Desire is a great thing to have, but talent matters too.

Mauti has some talent but not a lot. There is no guarantee that he will even stick with the Saints.

But if the Saints do keep him around, they’ll get a leader and a man the fans will enjoy. They’ll get a man who is not afraid to light a fool up.

And he’s a heady player and a tough competitor.

Michael Mauti is going to be a hell of a coach one day if that’s the way he decides to go.

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