Five QBs the Vikings Could Target Late in the 2015 Draft


Mike Zimmer dropped a little insight this morning about the Vikings’ thinking going into this year’s draft, mentioning that the team could look to pick up a QB to develop as a backup for Teddy Bridgewater.

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If the Vikings do look for a late-round QB as a developmental project, here are five players who might interest them (or not; we’re really guessing here).

1. Sean Mannion – Oregon State

Mannion roughly fits the profile of the “Norv Turner QB” as we somewhat narrowly defined it heading into last year’s draft: Big and tall pocket passer with a strong arm. Mannion had accuracy issues his last year at Oregon State but some blame that on a bad overall passing game and lack of receiving targets after the departure of Brandin Cooks. Mannion could go as high as the 4th which might be a round or two early for the Vikings.

2. Shane Carden – East Carolina

Another guy with good pocket skills, though the arm strength is not that impressive. He’s a gamer type who could develop into a scrappy, solid #2 QB. Scrappiness is a good feature for a backup.

3. Cody Fajardo – Nevada

Again, a player with pretty good pocket instincts who maybe doesn’t have the strongest arm. Scouts note his somewhat messed-up mechanics but that’s why they call them “projects.” Played in the spread so you wonder how well he might perform in a pro-style system.

4. Bo Wallace – Ole Miss

Has nice size and arm-strength but people wonder about what’s between his ears. Possesses plenty of grit, a good trait for a backup. But again, there’s a doofus factor here that can’t be overlooked.

5. Connor Halliday – Washington State

Big tall lad who will need to bulk up if he wants to be able to take punishment in the NFL. Has a good arm but there are questions about his ability to perform from under center after spending his college years in a spread system. Is currently hurt so won’t get to show his stuff at the combine.

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