Vikings Draft 2015: Chris Conley Wins the Combine (Video)


WR Chris Conley (6-3, 205) may or may not have helped his “draft stock” with his performance Saturday at the combine but he definitely won himself some fans.

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Even if you’re one of those folks who think the combine is way overrated you can’t help but be impressed by the performance Conley put on at Lucas Oil Stadium.

The term “freak” is thrown around a lot these days but in Conley’s case I think it may actually apply. This is a freakish performance.

Conley’s final numbers:

40-yard dash: 4.35

Broad jump: 11-7

Bench: 18 reps

Vertical: 45

Going into the combine, Conley was rated as a late-round pick. None of what he did at the combine proves that he can play wide receiver in the NFL, so I don’t know how much his perceived stock should really rise. But if you want to draft yourself a pure athletic talent to put through the paces at camp and see if there’s a role for him? Conley’s a guy worth taking a look at late, for sure.

But let’s not get carried away and start talking about this guy as a potential steal of the draft. We’re a long way from that. There’s a reason no one was talking about him before yesterday. When a guy does that well in combine drills, it makes a lot of noise, but those reverberations tend not to last.

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