Report: Vikings and Adrian Peterson Will Have Face-to-Face Meeting Wednesday


The next step in sorting out the Adrian Peterson mess is for the disgruntled employee to finally meet face-to-face with Vikings front office personnel and hash out some of their many differences.

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With Peterson’s suspension being struck down by Judge Doty, the way has been paved for that meeting to happen. According to Darren Wolfson, the long awaited face-to-face has now been scheduled.

What will be discussed at the face-to-face meeting? That’s hard to say. Peterson has reportedly indicated that he would be amenable to restructuring his deal to make a trade happen, so maybe that will be discussed.

Maybe the Vikings will bring up the idea of Peterson sticking around but taking less money. Would Peterson go for that?

Perhaps Adrian will give the Vikings a list of teams he’d like to be traded to. Nelson Peterson has some ideas about that.

I’m assuming the Vikings will bring up the reported near-fight between Peterson’s agent Ben Dogra and team VP Rob Brzezinski that happened in the opening days of the combine.

Peterson might like to have a word about the promotion of former chief counsel Kevin Warren, the man Adam Schefter says worked with the NFL to keep Peterson off the field last year.

My goodness, they do have a lot of things to talk about, don’t they? But the main topic will be that $15 million elephant in the room. You know it will.

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