Rick Spielman Attends Michigan Pro Day, Sees Devin Funchess Improve 40 Time


Rick Spielman isn’t at Winter Park taking free agent meetings today, because he’s too busy attending Michigan pro day in Ann Arbor.

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I’m sure Rick is well-aware then of the big news concerning Michigan TE/WR Devin Funchess and his 40 time. Funchess underwhelmed at the combine by running a 4.61, but apparently he just needed to loosen up his hammies more, because today he ran an unofficial 4.53 (per Tony Pauline).

The wonks are saying that the improved 40 time will vault Funchess back into the first round conversation at tight end. The Vikings would presumably only have interest in Funchess as a second-round (or later) option at wide receiver, the position he played in 2014 for the Wolverines (unless they’re more down on Kyle Rudolph than we assume).

The 6-5, 232-lb Funchess would certainly be an interesting prospect at wide receiver (or tight end for that matter). With that size and able to run a 4.5 40? There are questions about Funchess’ willingness/ability to grasp the finer points of playing wide receiver (or tight end), but you’re talking about such a physical specimen that his lack of refinement may not matter.

In addition to Funchess, the Vikings also took a good look at golden-tressed linebacker Jake Ryan (per Walter Football):

"I’m told Devin Funchess looked good catching the ball, which is no surprise. His route running was improved, but still needs a bit of work. On the other hand, Devin Gardner had a number of drops and will probably fall out of the seven rounds.Linebacker Jake Ryan looked solid in all his position drills. His hip turn needs a bit of work, but overall, he received positive reviews. The Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings both sent linebacker coaches."

Here’s what NFL.com said about Ryan:

"He’s got the size, physicality and commitment to film work to play inside, but his instincts still need work. Ryan is a little stiff and stays blocked for too long, but his disengagement from blocks will improve with more reps inside. Faster than quick, he is scheme versatile and can fit inside or at the SAM linebacker spot in a 4-3. Ryan’s productivity comes from toughness, play demeanor and physical tools. Teams could pigeonhole him as a “try-hard” linebacker, but they shouldn’t."

Is Jake Ryan the answer at Mike for the Vikings? Only Samantha Baker knows for sure.

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