Vikings Rumors: Adrian Peterson Has Requested Trade, Team Quietly Shopping Him?


There have been a lot of reports about Adrian Peterson wanting to leave Minnesota – a LOT of reports – but no definitive indications that he’s actually gone to Rick Spielman and requested a trade.

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But that has now changed.

For the first time, there’s a media report indicating Peterson has gone to Vikings brass and told them he no longer wishes to continue as a member of the organization.

The report comes from Larry Fitzgerald Sr., long-time Twin Cities media figure and oh by the way father of Peterson’s possible future teammate Larry Fitzgerald.

Larry Sr. not only says that Peterson wants out, he says the Vikings are trying to accommodate him in as discreet a fashion as possible.

If the Vikings do trade Peterson it’s believed the destination would be the Arizona Cardinals. Though Peter King says the Cardinals will not do the deal due to Peterson’s rich contract.

Peterson reportedly said he would restructure his contract in order to get out of Minnesota. Which, in hindsight, was probably the best indication that he really wants out.

It’s been reported that the Vikings could get a 2nd round pick back from Arizona in a trade. One wacked-out trade rumor had the Vikings dealing Peterson for Larry Fitzgerald but that was just speculative nonsense cooked up by a click-happy loon.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have also been linked to Peterson in trade speculation. The Dallas Cowboys were once believed to be at the top of the list as a possible Peterson landing spot but their recent moves indicate that is not the case.

Just one more piece of information indicating that Peterson and the Vikings are soon to be headed their separate ways. If the Vikings can get a 2nd for Peterson, I believe they’ll do the deal.

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