Adrian Peterson Anxious to ‘Start a New Chapter’ After Suspension Ordeal


Adrian Peterson is expected to meet this afternoon with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss his reinstatement from league imposed suspension (a suspension the league still considers to be in force despite a ruling by a federal judge overthrowing the arbitration decision that upheld said suspension).

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A report from Josina Anderson says that about an hour before his meeting with the commish, Peterson will first go for a counseling follow-up. In order to comply with the terms of his suspension, Peterson was required to visit with a counselor and work out his family issues.

The same Josina Anderson also had a brief discussion with Peterson in which he expressed his desire to put all this unpleasantness behind him.

"Adrian Peterson to me on his mindset before meeting with the NFL today: “I am anxious to start a new chapter and get on with the rest of my life.” Peterson also told me he’s eager to share what he and his family went through during his league discipline."

Read what you will into Peterson’s statement about starting a new chapter. He could be referring to the desire to have the suspension behind him, or he could be talking about moving on from the Vikings.

Though Peterson himself has yet to go on the public record about his desire to get out of Minnesota, his agent Ben Dogra has made it clear that Peterson no longer wants to play for the Vikings.

Some believe Dogra is only making these statements in an effort to leverage more guaranteed money out of the Vikings. Minnesota has remained consistent in the face of trade rumors, insisting they will not cut Peterson and have no intention to trade him.

And what of Peterson’s “eagerness” to share what his family went through? Peterson has made vague reference on more than one occasion to things his family suffered during his suspension ordeal, though he has yet to provide much specific detail on these issues.

Peterson could be referring to media stories about his past questionable activities, including a dubious report that he took money from his charitable foundation and used it to fund wild sex parties.

Peterson is also believed to be upset with the Vikings for promoting Kevin Warren to COO after Warren took an active role in working with the NFL to keep Peterson off the field in 2014.

Adrian will have plenty to talk about with the commissioner when the two men have their sit-down Tuesday afternoon, that’s for sure. How much this sob-story might sway Goodell is anyone’s guess.

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