NFL Draft 2015: Vikings Had Norfolk State’s Lynden Trail In for a Visit


The Vikings’ registry of recent draft visitors includes a man MMQB once dubbed “the 2015 draft’s most intriguing mystery man.”

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Who is this man of mystery? It’s Norfolk State’s Lynden Trail. And according to Aaron Wilson, he was in for a visit at Winter Park on Wednesday.

What exactly makes Lynden Trail so mysterious? It’s not just the fact that he’s a relatively unknown small college prospect. It’s also the fact that no one really knows what position he will play at the next level.

The uncertainty about Trail is reflected in this scouting report:

"Teams will be forced to draft Trail on projection rather than tape. While his production looks good on paper, Trail never stands out as a dominant force. He failed to flash at the Senior Bowl as a defensive player but took some reps near the goal line as a tight end, which could be his best chance to make a team and stick in the league."

One thing I know for sure about Trail? He’s huge. At 6-7, 269 lbs he would be an imposing figure either as a tight end or a defensive end.

Any team that drafts Trail, surely in the late rounds, will be doing so with the strict understanding that this is a raw prospect who will likely need a long time to develop.

One more little tidbit on Trail? He played with Teddy Bridgewater in high school and actually caught balls from the current Vikings QB as a wide receiver. He also once played against Bridgewater in high school as a defensive end, and sacked Teddy four times.

Wouldn’t it be something if Lynden Trail wound up catching passes from Bridgewater as a Vikings tight end?

Guessing Mike Zimmer sees other things when looking at the tall, long-armed Trail. Zimmer sees a defensive end who can play the run and drop in coverage.

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