Rick Spielman Reminds Everyone That Vikings Still Have Cordarrelle Patterson


Interesting timing on Rick Spielman’s comments about wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson.

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On the surface, Spielman seems to merely be giving a positive update on Patterson’s offseason progress but when you consider the timing, the remarks take on a different significance.

Spielman told Sid Hartman of the Star-Tribune:

"“There’s no question about the physical ability there. I think Cordarrelle has really grown up a lot,” Spielman said. “I know what he has done this offseason dedicating himself to being the best receiver he can be, and how serious he is taking that, we’re very excited about the future with Cordarrelle.”"

Under normal circumstances, I’d call that standard GM happy talk about a player whose future is very much up-in-the-air. But circumstances right now are anything but normal.

With the draft looming up, Spielman’s comments take on a whole different significance.

Let’s say for example you wanted to dangle Patterson as trade bait during the draft. I’m not sure Patterson is worth much coming off a season where he lost his starting job to a former practice squad player but for the sake of argument, let’s say you wanted to drum up a market for Patterson anyway. Wouldn’t you say exactly what Spielman is saying here?

Teams know all about Patterson’s talent, the question is about his attitude. Well, Rick Spielman assures us (and the rest of the NFL) that Patterson is working hard this offseason and…oh by the way, the kid has incredible talent.

Even if you’re not looking to dangle Patterson (who again is not worth all that much right now) it still helps to remind everyone that you have him. The Vikings have done a decent job convincing everyone they’re not looking wide receiver with the #11 overall pick but if there were any doubters left…hey, they have Patterson remember? And they still consider him a big part of their future.

So with all the talk about the Vikings loving CB Trae Waynes, and Spielman now purposely reminding everyone that Cordarrelle Patterson is still on the roster and gosh darn it the Vikings still like him, can we safely assume that receiver is a legitimate option at #11?

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