Top 25 Vikings of 2014: No. 5 WR Cordarrelle Patterson


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WR Cordarrelle Patterson

Cordarrelle Patterson is Percy Harvin with sunshine in his heart instead of darkness.

Percy wouldn’t practice. He seemed to place himself above the team. He never seemed to care about the fans. He never embraced being a Viking.

Patterson does everything right that Harvin did wrong.

Comparing Patterson to Harvin on the field is ludicrous because they are different players. Harvin plays with the reckless abandon of a masochist, Patterson with the gliding panache of a free spirit.

Patterson isn’t going to lower his head and try to knock anyone into the first row. In that sense, he’s closer to Randy Moss in style than he is to Harvin.

In terms of impact, Patterson is closer to Harvin. He brings factors to the game that are difficult to account for. He could line up anywhere. He could house it at any time.

Patterson is not yet a true deep threat, but neither was Harvin. Neither will ever present the challenge Randy Moss presented as a downfield receiver.

At some point the comparisons become useless. Each man is unique in his own way. Not just as a player but as a personality.

Patterson seems to have many of the best elements of Randy Moss without the problem-child aspects. He brings a lot of Harvin-esque factors to the playing field without bringing the Harvin-like problems.

In the end, he’s Cordarrelle Patterson. No one knows yet exactly what he will be as a football player. He’s a star, but still a work-in-progress.


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