DeVante Parker Wants a Reunion With Teddy Bridgewater Too


It’s official. Both DeVante Parker and Teddy Bridgewater would love to reunite in the NFL and rediscover the chemistry they had at Louisville.

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Bridgewater made his feelings known several weeks back on a potential get-the-band-back-together situation with Parker. Thursday at the combine, Parker weighed in with his thoughts on playing with Teddy again (via

"“We have connections, so that’d be good,” Parker said of reuniting with Bridgewater, adding the QB’s college teammates weren’t surprised by his NFL play. “We already knew what Teddy could do, he was prepared the whole time. People doubted him, he just proved everybody wrong.”"

Vikings GM Rick Spielman has also spoken up on this subject and made his feelings very clear:

"“They had a career together but that has no influence on who we’re looking at,” Spielman said. “We’re going to look at who’s best for us regardless."

Rick Spielman still outranks Teddy Bridgewater so I guess we’ll have to wait and see on this one. Wide receiver may not even be a big target position for the Vikings at 11. Not with stud defensive players like Shaq Thompson and Dante Fowler lurking out there.

The Vikings reportedly met with Parker at the combine so at least they’re keeping him in their thoughts.

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