2015 NFL Draft: Vikings Trade Down Twice In 3rd Round


Rick Spielman didn’t get to trade down from 11, which meant he didn’t have the ammo to trade back up from the 2nd into the late 1st as is usually his habit.

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Spielman also didn’t get to trade down in the 2nd, but when the 3rd round rolled around, the opportunity finally presented itself for the GM to make his long-awaited deal.

Or should I say deals.

In the 3rd round, Spielman dealt with the Kansas City Chiefs, trading down from 76 to 80. And if you thought that would be the last trade Spielman made in this draft, you obviously haven’t been paying attention.

Not surprisingly, Spielman immediately turned around and dealt the 80th overall pick to the Detroit Lions, moving down to 88th overall while picking up the Lions’ 5th rounder, the 143rd overall selection. The Vikings also picked up the 193rd pick in this whole process.

And that won’t be the end either.

So far, the Vikings have made two picks. If Spielman’s usual plan holds, they will end up making 8 more before the draft is completed. And a bunch of them will come in the late rounds.

The logic behind this? Spielman believes in locking up multiple players in the 6th and 7th rounds, giving himself a leg up on all the teams scrambling to sign priority free agents after the draft.

It’s a strategy that last year got the Vikings a solid rotational DT in Shamar Stephen. But besides the potential return in terms of talent, the approach also keeps Rick Spielman from getting bored.

Sitting there munching candy and watching other teams pick is no fun. Spielman wants to get in on the action. He finally got to make a trade. And tomorrow he will get to make a whole bunch more.

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