NFL Draft: First Round Ends With Adrian Peterson Still a Viking


When Adrian Peterson wakes up and commences grinding this Friday morning, the disgruntled running back will still be a member of the Minnesota Vikings.

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There had been speculation that Minnesota would work a trade for Peterson during yesterday’s first round of the draft but those reports were always far-fetched if not downright goofy.

Teams simply don’t offer up first round picks for 30-year-old running backs, not even probable Hall of Famers who might still have two or three big seasons left in their bodies.

It was thought the Dallas Cowboys or Arizona Cardinals or San Diego Chargers might get desperate enough for running back help to call up Rick Spielman and offer a first, but none of those teams came through.

When asked about the Peterson situation late in the evening, Spielman struck a slightly ticked off note, tersely informing the media that there’s nothing new to report.

The Vikings remain resolute in their determination not to simply hand Peterson his ticket out of town. Unless something happens in today’s second round of the draft – and it’s unlikely anything will – Adrian Peterson will remain on the roster going into the meat of the offseason program.

The next date to keep in mind is June 16, the day Vikings players are required to report for mandatory minicamp. If Peterson fails to show for that he will forfeit a sizable workout bonus. And the world will know he’s serious about forcing the Vikings’ hand.

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