FanSided Mock Draft: Vikings Select CB Trae Waynes


The Vikings have been looking at cornerbacks in free agency, reportedly bringing in Mike Zimmer’s old player Terence Newman for a visit, but drafting a CB at 11 remains a possibility even if the Vikings do sign a veteran at the position.

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And if the Vikings do go CB at #11, you can bet it will be Trae Waynes. The Michigan State CB is the pick for the Vikings in this week’s edition of the mock draft.

"The Vikings could still go with a wide receiver even after the addition of Mike Wallace from Miami, but the team instead bolsters their secondary.Trae Waynes would give the Minnesota Vikings a tough, frustrating secondary to contend with the best offenses in the NFC (especially the division villains in Green Bay). Waynes is a physical cornerback who performs best in deep man coverage while still being unafraid to mix it up along the line of scrimmage. He can often be too aggressive on defense, which he will not be able to get away with in the offense-oriented NFL."

Waynes is getting all the pro-mocker steam at 11 for the Vikings and the amateurs are falling into line. Hard to argue the logic. And for all we know, the Vikings actually do like Waynes. I mean there’s no reason to doubt it. At this time.

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