Vikings Picked Up 20 Players In Draft Plus UDFA Rush, But No Running Backs


If Adrian Peterson didn’t get the message before that the Vikings have no interest in cutting or trading him, he should have a look at what the team did this weekend in the draft and undrafted free agency. Or, more to the point, what they didn’t do.

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The Vikes made 10 selections in the seven rounds of the draft, then picked up 10 undrafted free agents. And not a single one of those 20 players is a running back.

Despite showing interest in several backs during the pre-draft process, including the Gophers’ David Cobb, the Vikings left that position totally unaddressed over the three day player selection bonanza.

Even if a team already had plenty of running backs on the roster, you would expect them to at least pick up one during the UDFA rush. But the Vikings didn’t pick up any.

Did Rick Spielman deliberately avoid drafting or signing any running backs this weekend as a means of sending a message to Adrian Peterson and his stubborn agent Ben Dogra? Or was it all just a coincidence?

I have a strong feeling it was done deliberately. Even though the Vikings do have plenty of running back depth on the roster after signing spare parts like DuJuan Harris, you would have expected them to pick up at least one more. The fact that they didn’t can only be seen as a message to Adrian Peterson that he’s not going to get his way, so he might as well show up for mandatory minicamp in June.

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